Electronic Access

Protect your investment with the security of electronic access.

What is electronic access? Quite simply, it's a security system that's technologically advanced, flexible, reliable, yet easy to operate. Your electronic access system can even be integrated with your existing computer-controlled security system. And, it can incorporate as many or as few options as you choose, including:

  • telephone entry systems, touch keypads, and swipe card readers
    * can be integrated into a single network or furnished as individual subsystems
  • remote keyless entry
    * the best way to achieve a variety of functions and especially useful for cars and handicapped entry
  • radio technology
    * allows you to open gates, doors, or barrier arms from several hundred feet
  • panic buttons
    * can be combined with entry devices on a single device for added security
  • expandable memory
    * allows your system to grow with you
  • computer system integration
    * can be integrated with your existing system or stand alone


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